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Home Import Clearance Debonding of Goods from Custmos Bonded Warehouse (Under Project)

Debonding of Goods from Custmos Bonded Warehouse (Under Project)

  • Checking of the documents received to ensure conformity with requirement.
  • Preparation of Application for Project Registration with Appendix-A.
  • Preparation of LUT Bond.
  • Preparation of Bank Guarantee Format.
  • Registration of Project Import Certificate.
  • Payment of Security Deposit in customs received from Importer. Obtaining CRA / TRA if required.
  • Obtaining CRA/TRA if required.
  • Preparation of Bill of Entry.
  • Processing of Bill of Entry in Custom.
  • Completion of Octroi formalities (Wherever required).
  • Arrangement of Insurance (wherever required).
  • Loading of Consignments in warehouse
  • Transportation to destination if required.

Note : In case of Change of Ownership Preparation of Annexure 3, Preparation of Double Duty Bond , obtaining lying position from Bonded Warehouse.

Time for completion

  • 3 working days for completion of Job.
  • 2 additional working days for change of Ownership

Documents required

  • Triplicate copy of Bond Bill of Entry. (Front page) (Back Page)
  • Customs Attested Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Lading, Certificate of Origin, Analytical Test Certificate.

Note : For change of Ownership.

  • Double Duty Bond for change of Ownership.
  • Buyer and Seller's letter addressed to Dy. Commissioner of Customs and Octroi Department.
  • Agreement for Change of Ownership.