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EPCG Registration

Scope of services

  • Checking of the documents received to ensure conformity with requirement.
  • Preparation of application for EPCG Registration.
  • Verification of Licence in Customs through Bulletin.
  • Processing the EPCG Registration and Licence in Customs.
  • Submission of Export, Audit and Part F Files in Customs along with Customs Acknowledgement sheet.
  • Processing of documents in Customs.
  • Co-ordination with Customs.
  • Co-ordination with Central Excise.
  • Co-ordination with any other concerned Department.

Time for completion

  • 1 working day for Bulletin verification.
  • 2 working days for EPCG Registration.
  • 1 additional working day in case of JNPT.

Documents required

  • Authority Letter for processing the documents in customs.
  • Forwarding letter to Customs for presentation.
  • Original EPCG Licence.
  • Licence Application Copy.
  • Licence Condition Sheet.
  • Photo Copies of all relevant documents for Job.
  • Any other documents as applicable